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Deep Tissue Massage

Rehabilitative techniques to address the deeper musculature include neuromuscular therapy and sports massage. By applying pressure and cross-friction I am able to release some of the “knots” and improve blood flow to the area that have been in spasm. This improves mobility and decreases pain.
These deep pressure techniques can be especially useful in treating:
•Shoulder and neck stiffness
•Lower back pain
•Hip pain
•Muscle spasm
•Joint immobility
•Trouble Sleeping


Derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure involves pressure points on meridians to restore balance in the body’s energetic flow.


This technique stimulates nerve, blood and energy flow in the feet, hands and ears, all relating to organs and glands. Reflexology has been known to relieve the symptoms of “disease” in its early stages and encourages entry into the Alpha State, or “aware relaxation”.


A Japanese energetic healing art, Reiki healing involves laying hands on the body to comfort and relieve pain. Reiki heals on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


An Asian style massage using pressure points to clear blocked energy in the body. As well as being relaxing, Shiatsu can leave you invigorated. Shiatsu can be performed clothed or unclothed.

Swedish Massage

A classic European massage style using oils or lotions, improving circulation and relaxing the nervous system.